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University College of the Caribbean: Introduction

University College of the Caribbean is located in Jamaica. It offers education to its citizens and people from abroad. It is a privately held educational institute that offers degrees, diplomas etc. various kinds of subjects and area of interest are available.

University College of the Caribbean introduced higher education concept to its students because back in the 1990’s the country faced a crisis situation. Indeed, they were losing out on a lot of ambitious students who started shifting to other countries just to get higher education and better opportunities. To be honest, the reason behind this was that higher education available to the people in Jamaica at that time was quite expensive. Indeed, everyone could not afford it.

Hence people started shifting abroad in search for better opportunities. However they signed many affiliations and partnerships with many universities abroad. The main goal was to bring back the bright students and to develop an interest in the existing students.

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Example of partnership

The University of London is one of the largest universities abroad. It offers a total of seven degree programs in the University College of the Caribbean. Thanks to these partnerships, many students have managed to complete their studies successfully in Jamaica. They did it at a very affordable and reasonable price.

It has become one of the major institutions in Jamaica that are offering degrees in various departments and fields. It has now managed to become a reality for all those students. Indeed, studying abroad under the affiliation of institutions like the University of London is now possible. The affiliation and partnerships with various institutions attract people to stay and study in their own country.

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