Bellevue Hospital Careers – Why you should apply for a job

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Bellevue Hospital Careers: Introduction

Bellevue Hospital Careers are available in Jamaica trough different kind of job offers. This hospital was created with the aim of providing help to people who are mentally ill and hardly have access to proper treatment and care. The hospital is divided into different categories so that every patient can be treated according to the condition he is suffering from. The classifications are as follows:

  1. Acute
  2. Sub-Acute
  3. Psycho-Medical
  4. Mental Subnormal
  5. Long Stay
  6. Psycho-Geriatric
  7. Rehab

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It has all of the above wards with daily patients going through different kinds of problems. It is well know that they offer a better quality psychiatric care. Also, they focus on treating mentally ill people who are often ignored by the society. Also the hospital tends to make sure that the patients are cured as early as possible and they enter the society again with a changed personality altogether. Moreover, based on their findings and their patient history, they also tend to facilitate the process of teaching along with the research that is conducted within this field.

bellevue hospital careers

Services Offered by Bellevue Hospital

Obviously, they extend a lot of services, some of the major ones are mentioned below:

  1. Psychiatric Emergency
  2. Acute Psychiatric Emergency
  3. Nursing Care
  4. Intermediate Psychiatric Emergency
  5. Psychological Assessment
  6. Psychological Interventions
  7. Forensic Assessment
  8. Rehab
  9. Dietary etc.

The people in need can benefit of those services. Most of them are often ignored by their family members. The main reason is just on the basis of the idea that they cannot be fully cured. They are often left on the streets to figure out their life on their own. The Bellevue Hospital takes this initiative of treating such patients and helping them enter in to the society again to prove them that they can be treated and cured.

They play a major role in helping and shaping the life of mentally ill people.

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