Shakema Brown

  • Spanish Town, Jamaica
  • February 22, 2018

I am a very industrious,dedicated,strong-willed, goal-oriented and adventurous person. Moreover, I am a very meticulous person who handles tasks with great precision. I do not settle for mediocrity and is always willing to undertake any task directed towards me, no matter the difficulties. I always aim at working assiduously and also at obtaining effectiveness in every given task regardless of the circumstance or situation that may exist. I am proficient in problem solving and possess great writing and communication skills. Also, I am a very critical reader and thinker. My strong point lies within customer and sales services. My goal in any given institution is to contribute both physical and mental input to an already growing organization and as such there will be further growth and success of the business. Additionally, another goal is to enhance my knowledge and to mentally and psychologically grow as an individual while enhancing my working skills and abilities.

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