A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

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Browse the latest A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd Job vacancies and careers in Jamaica. A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd is a company domicilied at 22B Old Hope Rd, Kingston 5, Jamaica . Like all companies in the Employment Training Service sector, they often have job offers in Jamaica. You are looking for a job in Jamaica? This company will be pleased to contact you using JobInJam. Don’t forget to create a resume online on JobInJam

A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd: Business details

A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd is a full-service draughting & Design company with over 30 years of combined experience. Our goal is not only to help you design and build your dream home, but to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. The main function of A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd is to provide technical support to architects, engineers, homeowners and other building professionals. A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd was founded by Mr. Andre Allen in 2007 while studying for a diploma in Architectural Draughting & Building Technology at the Heart Trust NTA Vocational Training & Development Institution. At the time the main reason for establishing this business was to provide financial support for his education as his main aim was to study Architectural Technology. Upon establishing this business it was realised that this venture could contribute to the development of not only himself, but this could contribute to the development of Jamaica on a whole, thus the true aim of this business was realised. This dream was to contribute to the development of Jamaica by offering employment opportunities to fellow draughting technicians. Presently, our goal is to become one of Jamaica's best draughting companies and we intend to do so by ensuring that every member of our team is well trained and all customers are satisfied. That is why all team members are past students of the VTDI and are present students at the University Of technology. In addition to this we have established relationships with other building professionals across Jamaica by ensuring that each customer becomes a part of our family. Located at 22B Old Hope Road A.J. Draughting Associates are presently laying the foundation for other draughting technicians across Jamaica by providing quality work to our customers. In the next ten years we wish to provide our services not only to Architects and Engineers in Jamaica but architects and engineers in the Caribbean.

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A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd careers: Contact Informations

A.J. Draughting Associates Ltd's phone numer is 876-970-0788.
This Jamaican company address is 22B Old Hope Rd, Kingston 5, Jamaica .
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