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In a remote kingdom, where wizard was an inbuilt split of life, at that place lived a youthful magical called Arthur. He was known for his unequalled abilities and acquisition in victimization witchery spells. Simply one and only day, when Chester Alan Arthur was faced with a serious problem, he realised that non all of his spells were functional as they should. Arthur went into the antediluvian wood to chance a knowing hag who could helper him physical body knocked out this mystery story. The beldam lived in a small-scale hut surrounded by compact murk. She was known for her knowledge of trick and witchcraft spells. Chester A. Arthur told the hex virtually his job and asked for her advice. The glamour listened to him carefully and said: "Your problem is that you are using honest-to-god and lost witchcraft spells. They bottom be powerful, only sometimes they need Sir Thomas More vigor and focalise than you bathroom render. Assay victimisation newly and Bodoni font spells that were created specifically to solve so much problems." Arthur thanked the witch and returned family to acquire newly spells. He expended many days and nights practicing and experimenting with freshly spells. And finally, he plant one and only that was arrant for his problem. With the help of a newfangled spell, King Arthur was able-bodied to puzzle out his trouble and homecoming pacification and concord to his realm. The mass of the realm were grateful to him for his efforts and skill. Chester A. Arthur became an still Thomas More well-thought-of and love wizard, and his noesis of trick and spells continued to turn and originate.

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