Delano Ellis

  • montegobay, Jamaica
  • April 3, 2018

Spot valley District
Montego Bay,
St James
April 3, 2018
Island Car Rental
White House
Montego Bay
St James
Dear, Sir/ Madam
I wish to apply for the position of a mechanic in your institution; I believe I have the necessary skills and abilities for this job.
I have got level three (1&2&3) training at Cornwall Automotive Campus and wish to learn more as I work to better my skill and knowledge in order to become a successful Automotive Technician.
I am a punctual, honest, good listener; I also work well with pairs. Your companies excel in customer service in which am very Eger to be a part of the winning team, your organization would give me the chance to develop my skills that will help me peruse my long term career goals and my dreams.
If you are interested in meeting with me I am available for an interview at your convenience.
Yours sincerely

Delano Ellis
Spot Valley District
Montego Bay
St. James
Telephone # 2888-048
E-mail address: delanoellis@ymail.com_________________

Date of birth: September 25, 1996
Marital Status: Single

Objective: To help with the development and growth of my skills. Also to effectively seek the use of my interpersonal and communication skills in the organization.

Special Skills: Ability to socialize, deal with customers, have the skill and
Knowledge to complete tasks, communicate well with pairs, change oil and filter, change and check brakes, balance wheels, inspect and change tires, check ball joint, rock and pinion, check engine and transmission oil, change and inspect differential and gear box oil, check and change coil pack ,check engine mount

Education: Cornwall Holiness basic school (2000-2003)

Chet wood Memorial Primary School (2003-2009)

Spot Valley High School (2009- 2014)

Cornwall Automotive Campus\C.A.T.I (2015 – 2016)

Qualification: Heart subjects:
• Automotive Technology level I&II& III
CXC Subjects:
• Social Studies pending
• English Language pending
• Information technology III
• Mathematics pending

CCSLC Subjects:
• Mathematics Complement
Sub-Prefect at the Spot Valley High School

Work experience: Three weeks at White Witch Gulf Club ( intern/ supervisor)
Two Month at Sam bull Services Wrecking and garage (apprentice mechanic)

Work: Budget Car Rental
From Monday June 26, 2017 (apprentice mechanic) to Tuesday February 6, 2018
Hobbies: Playing foot ball and basket ball, track and field, drawing, socializes with pairs, watching mechanic videos
Awards & Achievement:

Finishing third in my 7 grade class school year (2009-2010)
Getting the highest on the Automotive Technology end of term exam (2013/14) and receiving a trophy and certificate

Award for sports man of the year (2010/11) and (2011/12) with trophy and certificate

For attaining a grade point average between 60-69% during the academic school year (2009/10) and (2013/14)

Qualifying for boys and girls champs with an A standard time and went to the semifinals and drop out, went to Curacao (2010) and got a gold medal in the 100 meter and gold in 4x100meter relay and was crowned champions of both (2010/11) and went to Birmingham, England (2012) and run the 4x100 relay and 2x400 relay and came third and fourth.

Special Interest: To peruse my job as a Mechanic and become the best I possible can
References: Govind Chulani, Manager,
El Caribe Discounts
Phone: 381-0176
Damion Stewart (manager), white witch Golf Club phone (1876) 277-6326
Andrae white (senior mechanic) Budget Car Rental phone (1876) 427-3708

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