J R Security Co Jobs in Jamaica

J R Security Co Jobs in Jamaica

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Browse the latest J R Security Co Job vacancies and careers in Jamaica. J R Security Co is a company domicilied at 20 1/2 Duke St, Kingston, Jamaica . Like all companies in the Patrol Security Guard Service sector, they often have job offers in Jamaica. You are looking for a job in Jamaica? This company will be pleased to contact you using JobInJam. Don’t forget to create a resume online on JobInJam

J R Security Co: Business details

J R Security is a rapidly growing security guard company located in Kingston, Jamaica serves as a security provider to small, medium and large companies. A team of highly soph isticated security guards is dispatched to your premises and we ensure constant communication with our clients resulting in total customer satisfaction. Our approach is consultative and we create an atmosphere that facilitates feedback with our customers. Our security personnel have received specialised training. We understand the importance of peace of mind where your property is concerned and we take your needs into account when we assess your requirements.

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J R Security Co careers: Contact Informations

J R Security Co's phone numer is 876-948-6808.
This Jamaican company address is 20 1/2 Duke St, Kingston, Jamaica .
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