Immunogizer Jobs in Jamaica

Immunogizer Jobs in Jamaica

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Immunogizer is a proprietary formula and highly effective prebiotic supplement designed to boost your body's immune system. University research shows that immunogizer B rain Maximizer is better than Omega 3. Dr Robert Robinson the author of The Sabbatical Diet in collaboration with other scientists and food technologists has developed the Immunigizer prebiotic product. Dr Robinsom received his medical training at the university of the West Indies, a Jamaica and did post graduate work at the Tropical Metabolic Research Institute and Community Medicine Dept, UWI. He is a specialist in internal medicine and had been a private medical consultant For over 10 years specializing in nutrition and chronic non communicable diseases. His patients include primarily persons suffering from the Metabolic Syndrome. (Obesity, Diabetes, Mellitus, Hypercholesterolemia and Cardiovascular diseases) Dr Robinson believes that any pursuit of science without sound philosophy is an exercise in futility. Dr Robinson is married to Arlene Robinson and they have three children’s. Listen to discussion online on How to improve your health with Dr Robert Robinson. View and download literature on immunogizer products and testimonials Learn the 5 easy steps for Rapid Weight loss.

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Immunogizer's phone numer is 876-902-6931.
This Jamaican company address is Kingston, Jamaica.
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