Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

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Browse the latest Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd Job vacancies and careers in Jamaica. Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd is a company domicilied at 2F Valentine Dr, Kingston 19, Jamaica . Like all companies in the Retail Distributors sector, they often have job offers in Jamaica. You are looking for a job in Jamaica? This company will be pleased to contact you using JobInJam. Don’t forget to create a resume online on JobInJam

Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd: Business details

The now Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd, which was originally the combination of Valentine Bakery, owned by the Chang Family, Powell's Bakery, owned by the Powell Family and Hu ntington, owned by the Seivright Family, with over 50 years of experience, is now located at 2F Valentine Dr Kingston 19, Jamaica. We are a very proud family owned and family run business. Our emphasis of pure, wholesome goodness continues with the use of fine ingredients that allow all our products to be enjoyed and savoured island wide and worldwide. That proud tradition is continued by providing families with a wide variety of breads and buns that are sure to please everyone. From our Miss Birdie Bun and Hearty Goodness bread line to our very popular snack buns, our bakers use fresh ingredients, and the timeless recipes that have made Purity a healthy Jamaican favourite. These brands are distributed island wide and internationally. Our buns, with their moist taste, are renowne d and extremely popular in Jamaica and in the overseas market. We are proud to be the bun of choice for many consumers. Our Distributors have taken our Easter Buns: Purity, Miss Birdie and Boat buns to cities in Ontario, Canada and the USA. Our Pastry Department bakes a varied assortment of popular foods that only sell in our Retail shops. From the casual eater to the health conscious consumer, the Purity line of products presents the better alternative. Give us a call today!

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Consolidated Bakeries (Ja) Ltd's phone numer is 876-924-1151.
This Jamaican company address is 2F Valentine Dr, Kingston 19, Jamaica .
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