Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep School Jobs in Jamaica

Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep School Jobs in Jamaica

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Browse the latest Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep School Job vacancies and careers in Jamaica. Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep School is a company domicilied at 12 Crieffe Rd Kingston 6 Jamaica . Like all companies in the Primary Schools sector, they often have job offers in Jamaica. You are looking for a job in Jamaica? This company will be pleased to contact you using JobInJam. Don’t forget to create a resume online on JobInJam

Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep School: Business details

Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep School was started in August 1979 as a Kindergarten at 5 Fairway Avenue with 4 children. The school enjoyed moderate growth at its site of birth until 1988 when a new location at 12 Cerieffe Road was founded and the new pledge and dedication were put in place to establish a stronger kindergarten to meet the new challenges of this era. Ananda Marga literally means “The Path of Bliss”- the way that leads both the individual and society onto its highest goal. Education for all Ananda Marga believes that education is one of the five basic necessities in life. Therefore, all individuals should be given the opportunity to learn in an open-minded, ethical and progressive environment, regardless of economic status, religion, class, race or gender. Every school needs a guiding principle for its students, in the same way that every child needs a loving parent. At Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep this principle is based on the philosophy of Neo-Humanisim, put simply Neo-Humanisim is the extension of the love we naturally feel toward other human beings to include animals, plants and all other forms of existence throughout each and every school day we work to develop the highest qualities of humanity namely concern for others, compassionate love for all creation, spirit of service, thirst for knowledge and awareness/acceptance of diversity. We believe that Neo-Humanistic education is most effective when it begins at a very young age in primary and pre-school years because this is the time when the child develops his/her indelible impressions of the world. Motto “Discipline is First, Discipline is Second and Discipline is Last” And “Service to Humanity is Service to God”.

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Ananda Marga Kinder-Prep School's phone numer is 876-927-8969.
This Jamaican company address is 12 Crieffe Rd Kingston 6 Jamaica .
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