Wisynco Group Limited Success and Job offers

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Wisynco Group Limited: Success and growth of a company in Jamaica

History of Wisynco

Wisynco is one of the largest company offering great Jamaican job offers. Learning those information will help you in case you are shortlisted for an interview.

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Wisynco Group Limited existed through different companies since 1935. It originated from the merge of 3 structures :

  1. Mahfood’s commercial formed in 1935
  2. West Indies Synthetics created since 1935
  3. Last but not least, Jamaica Drink Company, founded on 1995

Before the consolidation of those three structures, Mahfood’s commercial name has been replaced by WTL. That was the first appearance of the WTrademark.

After that, in 2005, it was time for a consolidation between WIS (West Indies Synthetics), JDC (Jamaica Drink Company) and WTL (Wisynco Trading Limited). The resulting company name is Wisynco Group Limited.

Starting from 2010, WGL formed a food subsidiary. This move came from the merge of Haagen Dazs and Wendy’s.

To conclude, the growth of WFoods was impressive. Starting with six stores in 2010 and doubled before 2012! This company is on track and determined to stay alive.

5-year Growth

Why 5 years ?

As an exemple, here are the successes of the company between 2008 and 2012 :

  • The annually output in 2008 was 4,500,000. We observed an increase of 2.22 until 2012!
  • They were counting 1345 employees with an increase by more than 500

Some of their highly known product in Jamaica are Bigga Sodas, Wata Water, Boom energy drink…

Wysinco Job Opportunities

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