Yeshima Phillips

Experienced Customer Service Rep and Manager in training
  • Claremont, Jamaica
  • March 11, 2019

An aspiring entrepreneur who possesses professionalism, is goal oriented, is passionate about customer service and sees no task too demanding to be accomplished.

I seek exposure and experience in the corporate environment so I can sharpen my managerial skills.

My Qualities include:
 Excellent Communication Skills
 Proficiency in the use of the computer
 Excellent Customer Care Giver and Team Player
 Superb Time Management Skills
 Excellent Planning and calculative skills
 Good at working with figures
 Excellent writing skills

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Study Level
Bachelors Degree


BSc. Management Studies @ University of the West Indies (Open Campus)
Sep 2015 — Current
A general study of all the aspects of management in organizations. geared towards preparing individuals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function at all levels within an organization. The programme focuses on:

Knowledge and skills to function in a diverse and global organizational environment

Competence in the integration of concepts and theories across all functional domains of management studies

Appreciation of contemporary issues faced by organizations - corporate governance; responsible leadership; gender, diversity and equality and their impact on the management of institutions

Competence in the use and application of pertinent technologies
Regard for the importance of ethical considerations in the execution of responsibilities and tasks
ASc. Business Studies (Accounting) @ Moneague College
Sep 2006 — Jun 2008
A study of overall business operations with main focus on the accounting principles and procedures conducted.


Teller (Western Union) @ McDonald's Hardware
Dec 2010 — Current
Processing money transfer transactions
Conducting bill payments
Reporting and resolving customer complaints
Making queries on behalf of customers
Conducting end of day balancing
Office Clerk @ Moneague Inland Revenue Dept.
Jun 2007 — Jul 2007
Receiving customer requests and complaints
Balancing Accounts

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