Sylvia Lyons_Beckford

Sales Representative

I hereby apply for the position as a Tour Representative in your organization.I have more than 10years experience working in a customer related field.i really love working with people and do enjoy adventures and nature.It has always been my passion to upsell my country to travelers.i really believe Jamaica is a beautiful country and I would go all out to encourage our visitors to enjoy such luxary.if giving the opportunity I would demonstrate high levels of customer service,hard work and discipline.Yours respectfully, Sylvia Lyons-Beckford(Mrs)

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Retail customer service officer @ Jamaica Post(Post and Telecommunication Dept)
Aug 2017 — Current
Relating to customer needs about postal services offered, providing information about postal services.(services, time and rate)Receival and Despatching of mail items.Conducting bill payment under Bill Express system.Selling phone card,Encashing of various pension vouchers under the NIS scheme.Selling of postage stamps,NIS stamps . Envelopes and other stationaries.Sort and process mails to be despatched and also received.Administering customer queries about posting mail items.

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