Natasha Martell

Principal and Teacher
Principal and Teacher
  • Kingston, Jamaica
  • July 10, 2019

Good Morning to you all, I am a Principal and Teacher for the past 11years, and these position have groomed me in becoming the individual that i am today. I am able to work at my own initiative,whenever i have a task to complete, i do not hesitate to do so, being a hard working,fair and goal oriented person.

I take pride in whatever i do and am a very driven person and in my tenor as a Principal and Teacher, i have acquired many other positive faucets in my professional development and know that my input in whichever organisation will be a positive one.

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I do not have a degree @ I am not studying right now
Sep 1989 — Nov 2012
I have my CSEC Subjects,Certificates and Diploma, but no degree. I am a honest and hardworking individual.


Principal & Teacher @ Upper Ward Close Basic School
Apr 2008 — Current
My job as a Principal & Teacher has groomed me to be an Accountant as well, paying staff, bills etc on a monthly basis, Administrative Clerk, Secretary, Event Planner and so much more. These responsibilities are undertaken on a daily basis by me so that the institution could function in a smooth and problem free way. So even though it was a very challenging and demanding job, i welcomed it because it groomed be in becoming the individual that i am today,especially when it comes to the disciplinary aspect of it.

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