Mellicia Rowe

I am a well versatile scholar in web designing, computer programming and accounting.
  • Portmore, Jamaica
  • June 25, 2019

My goal as an individual, is to coagulate all the experiences that I have gained throughout the different organizations, so as to use those experiences as means of uplifting myself to become better for myself and the organization that I work.

My skills are:
• Accounting/Bookkeeping
• Programming
• Web Development
• Communication
• Presentations
• Leadership

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Computer Applications and Business Studies @ Portmore Community College (PCC)
Sep 2018 — Current
My degree enables me to utilize my skills gained in both the technical aspects of computer, such as web designing and computer programming. I am also able to contribute to the main aspects of a business, using my accounting skills if needed. This all allows me to be a well versatile component for a business, enabling me to showcase all my abilities for the organization that I work.


Assistant Teacher @ Gregory Park Basic School
Oct 2018 — Nov 2018
Helped Gregory Basic School maintain an orderly approach when dealing with the students by:
• Assisted in teaching students.
• Took part in helping children that are slow in the class.
• Organized files for the school in an orderly manner.
• Helped to mark work that was given to students.
• Ensure that the surroundings are clean after school before leaving

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