Justine Hope

Secretarial and clerical experience, advanced in science field, experienced in accounting
Secretarial and clerical experience, advanced in science field, experienced in accounting
  • Portmore, Jamaica
  • July 16, 2022

Technologically savvy
Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Team etc)
Proficiency in G-Suite
Proficiency in Accounting Software
Problem-Solving Abilities
People/ soft skills

Prefect- Prefect Council
This position is given by the administration in recognition of outstanding leadership;
Time management and organisational skills are required to balance homeroom duties, and lunch duties, submit exceptional assignments and arrive at homeroom on time.
Treasurer (2020-2021), House Captain (2021-2022)
Treasurer is required to have budgeting skills and basic accounting knowledge in order to prepare a budget for the house to determine the best methods/ tactics to collect and allocate funds.
House Captain is required to oversee all matters relating to the house and attends meetings with the administration to be involved in the decision-making process regarding house matters.
Along with the skills listed above, honesty, and a team-oriented, optimistic and dynamic personality were vital in properly fulfilling my roles in these positions.

Head of the following clubs:
President: STEM Club, Democracy Club
Editor-in-Chief- Journalism Club
Captain- Quiz Team
These clubs are a testament to my ability to plan and execute plans and projects with my various teams even during a pandemic in both the physical and online spaces.
My proficient skills in writing are also highlighted as chief editor of the Journalism club where I was required to both write and edit articles for the bimonthly newsletter ‘Simply Immaculate’.
My ability to remain calm and collected and influence my peers to do the same is reflected in my involvement on the Quiz Team.

My natural curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and determination to master any endeavour are also reflected by my involvement in the clubs and teams listed above.

Vice President, Schools’ Science and Technology Society
The skills listed above are further highlighted by my involvement in a national executive body where I, along with my team worked to execute various projects across the island.

PRO- STEM Club (2020-2021), SETH Club (2021-2022)
Required to update social media and increase media engagement between club and members.

Phone Number
Study Level


CAPE (Associate degree equivalent) @ Immaculate Conception High School
Sep 2015 — Jul 2022
Honour student
Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) Grades:
English A- I
English B- I
Mathematics- I
Principles of Accounts- I
Information Technology- I
Spanish- I
Caribbean History- I
Biology- I
Chemistry- I
Physics- I

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations
Unit 1
Communication Studies-I
Unit 2
Biology- pending
Chemistry- pending
Physics- pending
Caribbean Studies- pending


Secretary @ Proven Construction Ltd
Jul 2022 — Jul 2022
Organizing files and diaries, transferring information into electronic media using Microsoft office and PDF converters, writing Bills of Quantities, tracking construction progress

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