George Barrett

Fitness instructor, driver, immediate availability for long term and permanent position.
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • June 9, 2019

Socially assertive, I make a strong first impression to people and I am
comfortable to communicate in front of groups. I enjoy informing clients and
affectively get the message across. People will remember my name and have an
instant connection. I am able to build a network and recommend the company
in order to have repeaters.

As an accomplished and successful supervisor, I manage operations, staff and
optimize customer relations. I also have skill behind the wheels and a valid
driver's license.    I am prepared to make a significant and positive impact
in. Efficient and adaptable skilled in fitness, able to work with variety of
team member, Prioritize safety  

- Key Qualifications -

*      Vibrant and active leader able to effectively manage mounting tasks

*      12 years of expertise in fitness industry

*      Deliver highest standard of care, creating loyalty among clients and
driving repeat business.

*      Excellent communicator English with keen ability to work both
independently and collaboratively in fast pace settings, exceeding the
expectations of customers who anticipate the highest level of care, and
fostering collaborative team spirit.

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Certificate @ TPDCO
Jun 2019 — Jun 2019
Team Jamaica
High School Diploma received
Jan 2003 — May 2004
GED received in 2004 state of West Virginia


Fitness instructor, gym supervisor @ Champion's Gym Image
Jun 2012 — Apr 2019
Effective and good leadership of staff.  Train, manage, and coach personal
clients or groups up to 30 at a time. Loyal to customer and staying ahead of
trends and competition.

Selected Contributions and achievements:

*     Develop repeat business through tailored customer service

*     Increased the gym revenue by selling quality protein product adapted
to different kind of needs.

*     Improved training and staff coaching initiatives, leading to steep
decrease in customer complaints and

*     Handle administrative duties such as the petty cash, payments and
scheduling staff

*     Received progressive promotions throughout third year of employment
due to exceptional service and handling of tasks
Gym fitness instructor @ Tropical Beach Gym
Apr 2007 — May 2012
*     Build loyalty and enhance the customer experience through professional
response to customer inquiries.

*     Oversee shift changes at reception desk to ensure sufficient coverage,
operate phone system, and organize customer billings.

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