Fabian Gabay

Certified Officer in Business Management/Admnistration, Secretarial and Customer Service Skills

I am hereby submitting an application for an available position that is commensurate with my area of studies and experiences within your prestigious organization.
I am NVQJ Certified in Business Administration, achieved a level three (3) diploma in Business Management and I have professional experience as a Senior Secretary.

The nature of my personality and work experience I’ve acquired in similar working fields has moulded me for working in such position and it is my desire to become a part of your team. I strongly believe that I am an ideal candidate being a highly motivated, positive and research oriented individual. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include, but are not limited to the following:
 excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral)
 proactive and efficient in executing responsibilities
 capable of using my own initiative whilst being well organized and accurate
 adaptable to a sensitive and dynamic environment
 highly productive, having the ability to deal effectively with competing priorities
 computer savvy, able to multi-task and meet deadlines
 flexibility accompanied by honesty and reliability

I present to you my capabilities, qualifications and proficiencies that I have acquired from my tenure at B&B University, The Office of the Prime Minister (Jamaica House) and the Office of The Governor-General (King’s House), and a bevy of other training and employment experiences. Combined with an engaging personality, I am a productive and meticulous individual who manoeuvres well within a team, but I also possess the leadership traits that will be beneficial to your organization and its goals. I am passionate about being a positive and effective asset to society and your team.

Thank for taking the time to review my application and enclosed résumé. You may contact me at 876-892-5691 or fabiangabay1@gmail.com to further discuss how I may utilize my skills and experience to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.

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Study Level


Business Administration @ Heart Trust NTA
Oct 2017 — Sep 2016
Business Administration (NVQJ Level 2)
(Secretarial/Clerical/ Customer Service Skills)
Business Management ( Level 3) @ B&B University
Mar 2017 — Mar 2017
Business Management (NVQJ Level 3)
(Supervisory Course)


Administrative Assistant/ Clerical Officer @ Office of the Prime Minister
Nov 2017 — Current
•Provided administrative support to the Principal Finance Officer (PFO) and the Finance and Accounts Division in general
•Receive, record and managed bills for Ministries that falls under the purview of the PFO
•Manage and direct inbound and outbound calls from other Ministries
•Logged incoming mail and dispatched outgoing mails to designated destinations
•Transferred data from client forms to Ministry of Finance’s database
•Manage and update employees information on the Government’s web database
•Performed data entry on behalf of the Human Resources Department
•Add new employees to the Government’s Payroll database
Client Service Officer @ Heart Trust NTA
May 2017 — May 2017
•Completed scholarship, achieving a diploma in Business Management (level 3)
•Successfully processed and upload applicants information to Training Management System
•Updated system database achieving smooth data retrieval
•Marked test scripts with accuracy then upload results to Training Management System
•Received and routed inbound/outbound calls
•Received and processed job requests ( quick, accurate dictation done over the phone)
•Flawlessly operated multi-lined switch board
•Received, processed and directed clients accessing the services of the organisation (Receptionist)
Senior Secretary @ Office of The Governor General ( King's House)
May 2017 — Oct 2017
•Reported directly to the Deputy Governor-General’s Secretary
•Provided support for the assigned departments/staff; (House, Household and Ground Staff, Events Coordinator and Public Relations, The Governor-General’s Program for Excellence and members of the Personal staff)
•Recorded, prepared and circulated minutes of meetings
•Prepared and monitored requests for procurement as well as placed calls to order items and liaised with suppliers until process is completed
•Monitored, updated and maintained a complex filing system
•Logged and dispatched incoming and outgoing mails internally and externally
•Provided technical support in setting up for meetings and other events
•Carried out usher duties at events hosted by The Governor-General
•Received and directed incoming and outgoing calls
•In charge of inventory and therefore carried out audits on a monthly basis
•Responsible for preparing and submitting reports for myself, the House and Grounds Staff on a weekly basis

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