Experience in the Food and Beverage field and Tourism Industry

I have recently completed my studies at the Excelsior Community College, where I am currently awaiting my Associates Degree in Food and Beverage, and Tour Management. Over the years I have gained the necessary experiences, which has allowed me to possess the required skills for your organization. Skills such as, creative thinking, cooking and baking skills, exceptional communication skills, art and computer skills. In addition, I have the drive for cooking and baking satisfactory dishes, which creates a feeling of success to have meet or exceed the expectations of others.

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Associate @ Excelsior Community College
Sep 2015 — May 2018
While studying at the college, I have been provided with the basic levels of knowledge within the Tourism Industry, such as; how to plan a tour, carry out the necessary customer service skills, marketing a product, etc. Also, I have learned a few bar tending skills and acquired a few knowledge about the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and how to mix them. Not to mention, I have learned advance cooking and baking techniques and have been given the opportunity to put on functions.


Secretary and Assistant Chef @ Grand Bahia Principe Hotel
Jun 2018 — Jul 2018
I worked as the secretary for the Staff Canteen's Manager, Mr. Dwayne Knight, where I would order the daily goods needed and carry out and fulfill any task instructed by him. Also, in the kitchen, I prepared vegetable and fruit salads, assisted in cooking meals, carry out pre-prep for the following day.

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