Rubis Energy Jamaica Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

Rubis Energy Jamaica Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

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Rubis Energy Jamaica Ltd: Business details

RUBIS Energy Jamaica Limited (RUBIS), led by Managing Director, Alain Carreau with head offices at 236 Windward Road, Kingston, manages a network of over 50 service stations a cross Jamaica, serving retail, commercial and industrial customers alike. RUBIS is an international company specializing in the distribution and marketing of petroleum and chemicals products. RUBIS operates in 17 territories across the Caribbean, with Jamaica being the largest single entity and has the largest privately owned fuel storage facility. Following the acquisition of The Antilles Group retail assets in 2013, RUBIS has made significant investment in refurbishing our network of service stations by embarking on a major rebranding exercise to establish the RUBIS brand in Jamaica. The new look RUBIS stations are fresh, modern and appealing. This includes new canopy design, LED forecourt lighting, digital price boards, RUBIS branded fuel dispensers, free air pumps, and new uniforms for staff. RUBIS' investment goes beyond the upgrading of our physical assets investment in our people is critical to our success here in Jamaica. We have focused on training and developing the service station employees to offer great, consistent customer service and have deployed an extensive RUBIS Training program to help achieve this aim. The company is dedicated to building and developing our brand throughout the Caribbean and within Jamaica. The RUBIS group is committed to building a strong partnership with our dealers, staff, our customers and the wider communities. With a particular interest in schools, RUBIS will continue to invest in and support community projects. RUBIS is a committed supporter of Jamaica's development. RUBIS is pleased to introduce to Jamaica our advanced fuel technology – Ultra Tec. Ultra Tec's fuel formulation uses a new generation of high performance boosters designed to clean the engine's valves and combustion by removing deposits and reduce ex haust emissions. This leads to optimum engine performance, superior fuel economy, and savings for RUBIS customers making Ultra Tec the ultimate in fuel economy and performance. Ultra Tec is available across all fuel types Ultra Tec 90, Premium Unleaded Gasoline, Ultra Tec 87, Unleaded Gasoline, Ultra Tec Diesel and Ultra Tec USLD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel). ULTRA TEC ADVANCED FUELS: COMMERCIAL FUELS, INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS, COMMERCIAL LUBRICANTS Ultra Tec is a specifically formulated fuel additive, designed to clean your vehicle's engine valves and combustion chamber by removing deposits. This means the deposit build-up in the combustion chamber is reduced, resulting in greater fuel and engine efficiency. Ultra Tec provides the ultimate in Fuel Economy and Performance so you drive longer for less and SAVES YOU MONEY! ULTRA TEC FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE AND FUEL ECONOMY ULTRA TEC FOR EVERYONE Ultra Tec is added to all our fuel products so no matter what car you drive you can enjoy the benefits of better performance and fuel economy: ULTRA TEC ADVANCED FUELS Ultra Tec 90 - Premium Unleaded Gasoline Ultra Tec 87 - Unleaded Gasoline Ultra Tec ULSD - Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Ultra Tec Diesel INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS The Chemicals LOB is the only bulk chemical distribution facility in the country and carries a range of Petrochemicals that service the industries of: Paints & Coatings Cosmetics Cleaning & Sanitizing Foam/Bedding Adhesives COMMERCIAL LUBRICANTS The Lubricants portfolio offers an extensive line of products in the island ranging from: Engine Oils (gasoline, diesel and railway) Transmission Fluids Marine Oils Industrial and Automotive Greases Transformer Oils Hydraulic Oils Turbine Oils Heat Transfer Oils Gear Oils To find out more about RUBiS Commercial Lubricants contact: ARINE BUNKERING INFORMATION BERMUDA, WESTERN CARIBBEAN AND EASTE RN CARIBBEAN When you demand product quality and competitive marine fuel prices, RUBiS Marine Bunkering is the regional leader for Bermuda and the Caribbean. Our network of local marine fuel professionals provides start-to-finish expertise and customer service Bahamas Bermuda Turks & Caicos Jamaica Cayman Antigua Islands Guyana Dominica St. Lucia Barbados St. Vincent United States Central America South America Atlantic Ocean Grenada RUBiS ENERGY BERMUDA In addition to providing 5 convenient locations for our local and visiting marine customers RUBiS Bermuda also offers duty free Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) for qualifying vessels. Duty free fuel is available ex pipe from our terminal in Ireland Island (Dockyard) or island wide via road tank wagon. Product Grade Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel meeting ISO 8217:2012 Delivery Ports Dockyard: ex pipe St. George: ex truck Hamilton: ex truck Certificate of Analysis CoA issued with every bunker enquiry MSDS Provided to vessel operator prior to each bunker operation Delivery Documentation & Sampling Compliant with Marpol and BIMCO Terms and Conditions Correspondence All enquiries should be sent to

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Rubis Energy Jamaica Ltd's phone numer is 876-928-7301.
This Jamaican company address is Rockfort Kingston 2 Jamaica .
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