Konvertra Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

Konvertra Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

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Browse the latest Konvertra Ltd Job vacancies and careers in Jamaica. Konvertra Ltd is a company domicilied at 93 Port Royal St, Kingston, Jamaica . Like all companies in the Business Machine Supplies Service sector, they often have job offers in Jamaica. You are looking for a job in Jamaica? This company will be pleased to contact you using JobInJam. Don’t forget to create a resume online on JobInJam

Konvertra Ltd: Business details

Konvertra Limited is a locally registered Jamaican company incorporated under the laws of Jamaica on 26th September 1970 and is engaged in the manufacture and the wholesale di stribution of paper products and office stationery supplies. Konvertra is one of the leading manufacturers of machine rolls and distributor of stationery supplies in Jamaica. Management is responsive to customers ’ demands and the need to provide innovative mechanisms to enhance their businesses to this end, the company seeks to fulfil this mandate and to expand its operations by investing in ‘state of the art ’ machinery which will satisfy customers ’ demand and also increase its productivity. The company ’s target customers are: • Stationery Companies / Pharmacies / Bookshops • Commercial banks/financial institutions - operators of the ‘automatic teller machines ’. • Supermarkets and retail outlets - users of retail system machines. Credit/Debit Card merchants - users of c redit/debit card machines The staff members comprise a highly trained team of individuals who are dedicated and share a sense of achievement on the fulfilment of customers ’ orders. The company employs 20 full-time employees, most of who have been in the company ’s employ for over ten years and have acquired considerable experience in industry and therefore have the discipline and suitable standards required for high quality.

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Konvertra Ltd careers: Contact Informations

Konvertra Ltd's phone numer is 876-922-4581.
This Jamaican company address is 93 Port Royal St, Kingston, Jamaica .
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