Delapenha's Funeral Services Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

Delapenha's Funeral Services Ltd Jobs in Jamaica

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Delapenha's Funeral Services Ltd: Business details

Delapenha's Funeral Servs Ltd provides services such as Preplanning Funeral Arrangements, Embalming, Cremation, Floral Arrangements, Exhumation, Repatriation of Human Remains, Video Service, Band Service, Grief & Healing Counselling. We are a full service funeral home providing the most elaborate funeral services to the simplest graveside ceremony. Delapenha's has been in this business of caring for the deceased and relatives for the past 37 years. It is our hall mark belief that only the customer knows how he or she would like to celebrate the life of the loved one. With this embedded in our minds, we believe there is no such thing as a ‘traditional Funeral’. Only you know how you would want to celebrate life, whether by ceremony or tribute, that will reflect life and legacy of your loved one. We take pride in illustrating practical skills with our advanced knowledge in professional, ethical and legal care to our customers. We strive continually to provide a high standard of care on the basis of upholding and enhancing the good reputation, Delapenha’s has set over the years. It is our nature to provide excellent care. We hold it our duty to respect and hold it at our highest to provide 24hrs service to facilitate the wishes of the relatives for that final tribute to their loved ones with continual affordability and professionalism.

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Delapenha's Funeral Services Ltd careers: Contact Informations

Delapenha's Funeral Services Ltd's phone numer is 876-975-2406.
This Jamaican company address is Kingston, Jamaica.
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