9 Tips to Post a Job Offer in Jamaica

Reading Time: 1 minute

To Post a job offer in Jamaica is a big need nowadays, here are some tips to build the perfect job offer.

1- When you are writing your job offer, try to use rich et commonly used keywords. It will be easier for Jamaican candidate to find your job listing.

2- It is important to keep the title of your job offer clear and understandable. On JobInJam, listing are from many different industry and clarity is required if you want the right candidates to answer your job offer in Jamaica.

3- Except when it is really confidential, disclosing the salary is a good choice. Job offers in Jamaica get ~20% more responses when they disclose a range of salary.

4- Choosing with attention the category of your listings is mandatory. You will ensure that the right candidate find your open position.

5- Be creative, many international companies posting job in Jamaica doesn’t hesitate to use humor and meme to increase conversion of their job posting nowadays.

6- Never forget to specify the location in Jamaica of the open position.

7- Don’t forget to fill you company profile. Adding the logo of your company is a big plus. Job offers posted by companies without logo get 30% less views than others.

8- Share access to your jobs listings management with your co-workers. JobInJam is the first Jamaican job board to provide a dashboard where you can add co-worker mails. This will give them access to the dashboard and to the job applications.

9- Click here to post a job offer in Jamaica using JobInJam !